Jess’s wedding – Charcoal Lucy and Loo Converitble Bridesmaid Dress

The last thing Jess ever expected when she volunteered to help out behind the bar at a friends wedding…. was that she would meet the man of her dreams.

The last thing Luke expected, is that this stunning woman he just met behind the bar was also a cattle musterer… just like him.

How did hubby propose?
“We took our working dogs for a run. This is something we always did. He took me totally by surprise and proposed in the middle of the paddock at sunset.”

Jessica’s stunning bridesmaids, Rachelle, Ella and Hayley wear our Lucy and Loo Convertible Ball Gown in Charcoal Grey.

What did your bridesmaids think of their Lucy and Loo Bridesmaids Dresses?
They absolutely LOVED them and still do! They have been able to wear them to numerous events since our wedding, just wrapped differently – so it looks like a totally new dress!

_I5A1232 (1)

Luke’s groomsmen have all worked in the cattle industry and ‘formal suits’ just aren’t them. We wanted them to be as comfortable as possible and fit in with the rustic country wedding theme.


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