Toni’s wedding – Lucy and Loo Convertible Bridesmaid Dress

Once upon a time, a soldier from the Australian Army, took the day off to take his pride and joy (a customized purple XR6) to a photo shoot for his favorite car magazine. He saw the most beautiful woman… a model getting her hair and make-up done for the shoot. He took a deep breath.. and approached her….

A few days after the shoot, he was in Afghanistan on his tour of duty… all he could think about.. was her.

How did hubby propose?
We had just moved into our new house and had spent the day out buying new things. When we got home, he told me that he really wanted to buy the sandwich toaster and kept pestering me until I said I would go back out and get it. I had no idea that he was just trying to get me out of the house!


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