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Chey reviews the Lucy and Loo Convertible Dress

My gorgeous friend Chey is a self confessed ‘curvy girl with some massive bazoomies’. Chey NEVER wears dresses and she would never EVER dream of wearing a dress without a bra.

Here we share some pics of a recent photoshoot. Chey is wearing our Lucy and Loo Convertible Ball Gown in Electric Blue and Ivory (Chey wears our stick on ‘Nudi Bra’) and our Navy Ball Gown with a Bandeau and standard bra underneath.

I have been CONVERTED!!

I have always been a self-proclaimed “non dress wearer” pretty much my whole life. Then I was introduced to the Lucy and Loo Convertible Dress and I AM HOOKED! Lol! I now own 3 of them!!

The Lucy and Loo Dress is my new ‘go to’ item of clothing. Regardless of how many times I wear the same dress to various formal or casual outings (I just tie it differently every time), I am given numerous compliments.

Chey reviews the Lucy and Loo Convertible Dress

When it came to tying different styles I was excited to find that the Lucy and Loo YouTube Channel was there to help teach me step by step. I had so much fun playing around with the dresses to find what felt right for me and my body shape.

I have to say it.. the Lucy and Loo Convertible Dress is ‘wobbly bits friendly’! Lol! The material is so light and luxurious and doesn’t cling to the bits I would rather hide. I don’t even need to wear spanks! Ha ha! It literally feels like you are wearing a cloud.

Thank you for converting me! I’m now a dress wearer! Who knew??!

Cheyenne xo

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