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From one shoulder wrap backs, Grecian twists all the way to buckle waist and front neck twists; our elegance and specialty here at Lucy and Loo shines above competition as we administer phenomenal convertible dress Australia products that will excite. Fashion plays a pivotal role in the overall trends and brides are seeking that something different for their big day. Here at Lucy and Loo, we house a plethora of convertible dresses and bridesmaid dresses that are tailored to suit your specification and taste. All you need to do is select the colour and we will perform our magic. Our stockist in Brisbane allows for secure storage of all dresses, whilst maintaining great client interactions. When you hear the phrase:” convertible dress Australia” your mind should only pinpoint to one company only, Lucy and Loo!


  • Sophisticated and elegant designs for all bridesmaid dresses.
  • Equitable pricing on all pieces and dresses.
  • Tailored dresses to suit your special occasions or big wedding day.
  • Leading client relationships and satisfaction.
  • Australian made from the finest Italian Microfiber.
  • Divine feeling on skin that will portray your elegance.
  • Safe and secure online store with rapid purchasing methods.
  • Superior quality and many wrapping techniques for all dresses.
  • Fashion oriented approach with award-winning designs.
  • Overall excellence and greatness when it comes to convertible dresses.

Reliability, excellence and dedication they key factors we utilise here at Lucy and Loo to administer impeccable convertible dresses throughout Australia. Our concrete reputation and our desire to research fashion trends and adapt to new tendencies is what has risen us to prosperity. If you are seeking a glorious convertible dress Australia, seek no further. Lucy and Loo are here to assist and guide you towards obtaining the dress of your dreams. Contact us, directly, today.

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