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Here at Lucy and Loo, we believe that every woman deserves to look beautiful and feel comfortable every day, no matter what the occasion.

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If you are looking for a mixture of professionalism and second to none style, here at Lucy and Loo Convertible Wear you will find a committed business with highly qualified staff that will deliver you premium quality convertible dress options for any occasion. We understand how important weddings are, so we take pride in providing a comfortable convertible dress that you can easily customise to your style and needs.

In order to cover the needs of all our customers, we have more than 40 striking colours you can choose from, to have a remarkable convertible dress that you can adapt to different designs by wrapping it differently.

We update our colour range every year, making Lucy and Loo Convertible Wear a great option for those looking for a practical choice made with an eye-catching fabric. If you are looking for a dress you can wear more than once then a convertible dress is the best option for you. Getting a convertible dress, you will be able to have many different styles in only one garment by making some small adjustments. Along with this wide range of benefits, you can also add that all our convertible garments can be easily washed at home and they do not require dry cleaning.

To increase the level of comfort and making easier for our customers to get the convertible dress they want, we also have an online shop where you will be able to find the best match for your special event. Here at Lucy and Loo Convertible Wear our main purpose is to make a convertible dress you can feel beautiful in.

We are a proudly Australian owned company based in Brisbane and we use the finest Italian microfiber that will feel excellent to the touch of your skin. It is so soft it feels like you are wearing a cloud.

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