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Wrap Dress

Many women prefer to get a wrap dress due to the number of advantages it offers. Being able to change the entire style of the dress with only a couple of adjustments enables many different ways to wear it. Here at Lucy and Loo Convertible Wear you will find a wide range of colours to choose the right wrap dress you can have in your wardrobe for any special occasion coming up in the future. But the most remarkable aspect that makes our wrap dress stand out from the rest is that you will have over 50 different style combinations to wrap your dress so you will never wear the same dress twice.

In order to complement our wide collection of wrap dresses, we have a plethora of underwear and accessories specially designed for these options. If you are wondering about the quality of our wrap dress, you must know that all our options are made with high quality Italian microfiber that will feel divine on your skin. These fabrics are designed to last longer than any other in the market and they are turned into a wrap dress that is very easy to wash and does not require dry cleaning.

If you are looking to wear a wrap dress for your wedding, we understand nothing can go wrong in such an important day, for that reason you can have your custom-made outfit delivered in a short period of only four weeks and spend your special day wearing a wrap dress tailor-made according to your size and shape. If you think you will fall short in options, you need to keep in mind we have a catalogue of at least 40 striking colours for your wrap dress, all visually appealing and very vivid.

If you want to purchase a wrap dress today, just take a look at our online shop and have it delivered to your door in a quick and hassle free manner.

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